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Smart Farming refers to the application of modern Information Technologies, and more specifically IoT Internet of things (IoT) refers to a network of objects that are paired with sensors, software, etc., allowing them to communicate with other devices over the Internet. In agro-industry it serves to establish connection between farm facilities. , into farming sector.

GRAS is a Smart Farming System which aims at increasing production while optimizing the required human efforts and minimizing loses. Farmers can monitor field conditions, livestock or forests remotely using their laptop, PC or mobile phone, make decisions and take actions remotely if needed. Actions are executed using on-site actuators: mechanisms or valves which are attached to the farm’s automation systems. Actuators allow farmers to start or stop remotely irrigation, misting, ventilation or other types of systems crucial for farming.

GRAS Smart Farming helps implement precision agriculture and autonomous farming and allows users to enjoy the following benefits:

Leaf Image Provides better visibility over changing environment parameters
Leaf Image Results in better time management
Leaf Image Allows taking better, data-based decisions
Leaf Image Allows taking actions following specific changes in environment parameters
Leaf Image Provides timely remote management of farming assets
Leaf Image Reduces risks associated with rural production
Leaf Image Provides peace of mind for farmers by ensuring 24/7 monitoring
Leaf Image Leads to better results (harvest)
Leaf Image Saves time, efforts and resources


GRAS can be used in all areas under cultivation, agricultural buildings, open fields, or warehouses.


Predistic Smart Farming Weather station for vineyards for measuring environment temperature and humidity, precise plant irrigation and nutrition and improving crop yields VINEYARDS
Sown fields monitoring and control for small, medium or large-scale areas under cultivation, flood and furrow irrigation, sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation systems SOWN FIELDS
Large-area, wireless monitoring and agricultural systems management for orchards for reducing labor and equipment ORCHARDS
Measuring physical, chemical and environmental parameters with subsequent wireless monitoring and control in nursery gardens NURSERY GARDENS
Remote control system for greenhouses with precise water management, fertigation and ventilation management GREENHOUSES


We offer farmers clever solutions for crop monitoring and management. Our services include:

Leaf Image A customized solution based on our GRAS Smart Farming product and tailored for each farm
Leaf Image Internet remote control for drip irrigation and other irrigation systems, plant nutrition, air circulation management, misting management, and more
Leaf Image Measuring soil/air humidity, temperature, acidity, lightness, sound, movement, pressure, and more on demand
Leaf Image Building wireless (LoRa or WiFi, NB-IoT) or GPRS connected networks to exchange data between fields, greenhouses, servers, and client devices (mobile or PC)
Leaf Image Presenting measured data via Web or mobile interface (customized upon client request) accessible via Internet
Leaf Image Possibility to take manual actions like turn on/off irrigation systems, light or mechanical devices, open/close windows, manage ventilation systems, and many more based on demands
Leaf Image Possibility to take automatic data-driven actions based on changing conditions in the field or in the greenhouse


Leaf ImageOur solution can collect environment measurements utilizing different types of sensors
Leaf ImageYou can select the type of sensors that you need for your farm
Leaf ImageWe offer sensors in different price ranges: from very affordable to very high quality

Air/Soil Temperature

Light Level

Air/Soil Humidity

Soil PH

Air Pressure, CO2 and CH4

Smoke/Presence Detector

Leaf ImageOur solution forwards sensor readings over wireless or Internet
Leaf ImageData can be transmitted at any distance: for example, between two subsequent greenhouses, or between a sown field and your current location (as long as there is Internet available)
Leaf ImageWe process gathered data in order to present exactly those sensor measurements that you need

Our solution:
Leaf ImageWe provide remote 24/7 monitoring of collected data
Leaf ImageOur solution sends alarms and warnings to users in case of specific or critical events
Leaf ImageOur Smart Farming system allows users to take control over on-site Executing Devices ( Actuators An actuator is component that moves or controls a mechanism or system. IoT-enabled actuators can be controlled remotely over the Internet or direct radio signal. Example: turn on irrigation system remotely. )
Leaf Image GRAS takes intelligent data-based actions via on-site Actuators
Leaf ImageOn-site actions that we can control remotely include
On-site actions that we offer:

Irrigation Systems Management

Fertilization Systems Management

Management of Pest Control Systems

Ventilation Management

Light Management


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